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Grey Lava Stone Molcajete, Molcajetes

THE MEXICAN MOLCAJETE is aproximatelly 8 inches of diameter. The stone molcajete is called "Piedra volcanica" volcanoe stone or granite stone. Molcajetes are hand made in Mexico.

The word molcajete, molcajetes (mortar) comes from the former dialect of the Aztecas, (Nahuatl). “Molli” (seasoning or sauce) and “caxitl” (bowl). The word tejolote (pestle) also derives from Nahuatl: “tetl” (stone) and “xolotl” (doll)."

Foods traditionally prepared in the molcajete include salsas and mole's, as well as guacamole. It is also used for grinding chilies, garlic or other herbs and spices for food preparation.

Molcajete cure recipe.

This recipe will allow you to get your Molcajete (stone & pestle) ready or cured.

        1.-   Clean the Molcajete with soap and water,
        2-    With your pestle, grind some garlic up to a paste and spread all over the inside of the mortar.
        3.-   Leave it to rest, through a whole night.
        4.-   The next day rinse away the garlic from the mortar.

Other ways to cure the molcajets are:

- Baking the Molcajetes: Inside the molcajete itself, create a paste using onion, garlic, and cooking oil as the base. Spread the paste and be sure to cover all the pores on the inner part of the molcajete. Then place it inside the oven and bake it for 30 minutes at 300 degrees so that the paste thoroughly permeates the stone. Once the molcajete has cooled off, wash it thoroughly with soap and water.

- Boiling the Molcajetes: Place the molcajete on the stove grill and fill it with water and a lot of grain salt and vinegar. Allow the water to boil and let it be thoroughly consumed. Now let it cool off and cover any left over pores with uncooked rice, using the tejolote (pestle) to grind.

Final tips.

- Before using a Molcajete for your first salsa: grind up some sea salt (thick) then some crushed corn until they come out clean and free of debris. Finally, clean the molcajete with a scrub and water and the molcajete is ready for use.

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